Bella Zu Photography

Bella Zu was created from the desire to provide our clients with the most unforgettable, outrageously creative, and highest quality products available in portraiture. We strive to remain one of the areas top photography studios by keeping the focus on our subject, exposing the true and timeless beauty within, and delivering the best quality products available.

Bella Zu (the name)...

At least a hundred times, I've been asked about our name. So here goes...Bella(Beautiful) Zu(Zuline AKA Mamaw Moon). My grandmother, Zuline, was one of the most beautiful and influential people in my life. Without her, I definitely wouldn't be here. She was the perfect example of life lived right. Always seeing the good in people, she taught me empathy, which made my life all the more beautiful and meaningful. I miss her dearly, so this name is a daily reminder of what I need to live up to.

I will do my very best to make her proud. -Gail-



Photographer, wife, mom, friend, coach, and best of all...Zoie's Mimi. But, how I really describe myself is this...I'm thankful for each breath I breathe...for the love of my dear husband...for my children, family, and friends...for flowers in spring, daisies especially. I have loved watching my children grow...mostly done through my lens. I'm glad that I finally learned to focus...not just my camera. I believe that photography IS art. And...Life IS what YOU make it.